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Wednesday, 21 March 2018
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BPDM – Business Process Definition Meta-Model

BPDM of the Object Management Group (OMG) is still under construction. It is intended to be a global reference model that could be used to map between different layers. As shown inside the figure below.



BPDM is indented to stick close to common business language. One of the main problems here is missing ambiguity for business process definition phrases. This is due the fact that business processes are defined on different levels of detail with different contexts. Plus there are different understandings of business processes themselves also depending on the domain.

Inside the scope of BPDM are processes for:

  • Internal Management
  • Interaction with Suppliers and Customers

BPDM is based on two different meta-models. These meta-models can be related to each other.

  • Action-oriented processes, also known as internal processes or orchestration.
  • Communication-oriented processes, also known as collaborations or choreographies.

The BPDM Request For Proposual (RFP) shows you the full picture.

pdf Click here to view PDF version. (943.43 kB) (September 6th 2006)

pdf Click here to view PDF version. (460.8 kB) (June 5th 2006)

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