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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Since July 2008 the UBL TC moved their UBL Support Page officially into a UBL Community Site under http://ubl.xml.org . This is a community build site where everybody is free to contribute. We therefore decided to provide our input to that site and to stop maintaining our own UBL pages any more.

However, for archival purposes you still can find our old content here. Please keep in mind that the content might be outdated in the meantime.

-> please go to http://ubl.xml.org for latest community based information about UBL!

Universal Business Language (UBL) Print E-mail

The Universal Business Language (UBL) is an international open standard providing electronic business documents patterns (for sourcing-to-fulfillment of the procurement cycle). UBL is owned by OASIS. On this page you can find useful links and latest news related to the UBL standard.

Note: We concentrate here on UBL 2.0. However, some information provided here are based on UBL 1.0. This should give the opportunity to understand the evolution process of UBL.

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