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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Since July 2008 the UBL TC moved their UBL Support Page officially into a UBL Community Site under http://ubl.xml.org . This is a community build site where everybody is free to contribute. We therefore decided to provide our input to that site and to stop maintaining our own UBL pages any more.

However, for archival purposes you still can find our old content here. Please keep in mind that the content might be outdated in the meantime.

-> please go to http://ubl.xml.org for latest community based information about UBL!

UBL Naming and Design Rules (NDR) Print E-mail

For constructing XML components for the UBL vocabulary this specification provides naming and design guidelines.
To view as PDF:

More details on this can be retrieved on the NDR TC page under: http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ubl/ndrsc/
Comment by Karsten: For my understanding this should be independent of the version of UBL (being 1.0 or 2.0). However, you should keep in mind that the current version was created before UBL 2.0.

UBL 1.0 Customization Print E-mail

This document presents guidelines for performing a compatible customization of UBL schemas together with suggestions for how to proceed when a compatible customization is not possible.

pdf View as PDF   Note: It bases on UBL 1.0!

Specifications Overview Print E-mail
UBL Support / Validation Print E-mail
The UBL TC maintains now a separate Web page pointing to tools, information on validation and customization. The page can be found at:
... changes are likely to happen:-)

Older Versions:
When using UBL files the trading partners will probably agree on their specific needs (like our TC). This will result in a set of validation rules that must me mached by the UBL files exchanged by the partners. The UBL 2.0 Code List Support Package (pdf click here (39 KB)). Deals with this topic using Schematron (a language for making assertions about patterns found in XML documents). A more detailed description about the validation methology can be found inside the following PDF (pdf click here (86 KB) - and with some resources zip click here (573 KB) or view online click here.)

UBL Business Process (UBP) Print E-mail

UBL  Business Process 2.0
For the UBL Business Process there exists a set of XML files defining the ebXML Business Process (ebBP). For more information view the following pdf PDF click here.

Universal Business Process 2.0 - Part 2: ebCPPA
In addition there exist some ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profiles and Agreements (CPP and CPA). These profiles and agreements can be used to define the technical implementation between tow trading partners. Information on this is given by the following pdf PDF click here.

The two pdf files as HTML plus according XML resources can be downloaded as zip one ZIP file (~1 MB) or view online click here

UBL 2.0 SBS Versions (latest on top) Print E-mail
UBL 2.0 Versions (latest on top) Print E-mail

UBL 2.0 has been ratified as a Standard by the OASIS member organizations (December 2006)


Older Versions:

  • Verson of the Third Public Review (21 September 2006 until 6 October 2006)
The specification document and related files are available here:


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