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Sunday, 21 January 2018
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Friday, 22 December 2006
Ken Holman provides a PDF book on UBL via his Web Site (currently under: http://www.cranesoftwrights.com/training/index.htm#publd). You can download a free excerpt to get a first impression.

Below the complete announcement of Ken.
Karsten -----------

I'm very pleased to announce the immediate availability of the first edition of our new book!  The commercial PDF publication titled "Practical Universal Business Language Deployment" is now available for sale on Crane's web site:

   Practical Universal Business Language Deployment
   First Edition - 2006-12-18 - ISBN 978-1-894049-16-0
   Copyright (c) 2006 Crane Softwrights Ltd.
   / 188 Pages / Subscription price includes no-charge updates, /
   /           / soft-copy of support files, and an accessible  /
   /           / rendition and 10 PDF renditions.               /
   /           / No-charge 54-page download preview excerpt.    /

The Universal Business Language (UBL) is a publicly-available and royalty-free XML vocabulary for 31 business documents such as purchase order, invoice, statement, etc.:


The full-page-sized PDF files are hypertexts to a number of useful pages on the Internet including subdirectories of the OASIS UBL 2.0 package.  Note that the half-page-sized PDF files are suitable for printing and do not contain hyperlinks.

In the accessible HTML rendition all of the diagrams have prose descriptions that are not included in the PDF files.  This rendition presents all information in a monospace font with numeric indications of indentation suitable for tactile screen reading devices.

This is the third time that Crane Softwrights Ltd. has followed the publishing model of starting a first edition book with the handouts from a training class, missing some features found in other books.  Then over the months and years we add more and more to the book to exceed the capacities of use in a classroom environment.  Our XSLT book is in its 12th edition after 7 years.  Our XSL-FO book is in its 6th edition after 5 years.  Customers who have purchased any edition of a given book have been receiving free updates of that book and will continue to do so.

Expected in future editions of this UBL book:
  - add an index (empty in the first edition)
  - flesh out multiple modules on controlled vocabularies (code lists and identifiers)
    - genericode data model
    - context/value association files for extending and restricting code lists
  - flesh out multiple modules on customization
    - creating schemas for a subset
    - writing schemas for the extension point
  - respond to customer feedback regarding which sections need more information

The reason the first edition of any of our books is released in a slightly incomplete fashion is to garner feedback.  Our book customers and our classroom students have been our best sources for information and guidance in the revising of our other books, and we anticipate the same will be true for this UBL book.  Customers have appreciated their suggestions getting incorporated into the book to make revisions of the book more useful to their tasks.  And there is no penalty for buying an early edition as all subsequent editions are available at no charge.  In the early days we will probably have new editions every two to four months.

We want this to become an indispensable resource for you and you can help us make that by telling us what you need to see in the book.

For downloading the free excerpt preview and for information on buying a copy of this PDF book, please follow the link in our trailer below and click on the "Books & free excerpts" link in the right-hand marginalia.  For information on scheduled deliveries of the hands-on training class, click on the "Training schedule and course syllabi" link.

Please ask any questions or send any feedback, comments and suggestions regarding the publication to us off-list.

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