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Wednesday, 21 March 2018
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Monday, 16 April 2007
ABILITIES Industrial Workshops

ABILITIES Industrial Workshops are based on the results of the five test beds which are designed to test and validate ABILITIES specified technologies in real life SMEs driven business context.

ABILITIES workshop in Turkey

A Solution For The e-Business Document Exchange Between SME's
with UBL

26th of October 2007,  Ankara

This workshop aims to collect feedback from the participants and share the experiences gained during project about the interoperability platform and UBL.

The specific objectives of this workshop are to:
  a) further investigate the usage and status of Abilities solution
  b) present the Abilities technologies and UBL standard and investigate the possibility to deploy the project results to new potential customers.
  c) promote the Abilities project by informing the scientists, representatives of local authorities and SME's.

Innova Abilities Project Team will meet the participants having different profile to explain the business and technical experiences gained from the project.

To the workshop will be invited:
-  SMEs from agro-food and other different domains
-  e-Marketplaces such asTarmisal Pazarlama
-  Union of Turkish Chambers of Agriculture
-  Ministry of Agriculture


ABILITIES workshops in Lithuania

 ABILTIES industrial Workshop for Retail Indystry

October/November 2007, Kaunas

Purpose of dissemination is to inform all interested SME's and associations about ABILITIES results and possibilities.

KRASME plans to organize a dissemination seminar for the members of associations (about 150 SMEs), to invite to this seminar all Lithuanian business information centers (47 at all Lithuanian districts), business incubators (7 incubators at biggest towns), Business people collaboration network (this network contain separate SME’s  from all Lithuanian districts),  IT companies and Foreigners (Latvian, Estonian and Poland).

Workshop will be realized at KRASME (Muitines 13A, Kaunas. Lithuania) with Business people house help.

1st International Scientific-Industrial Workshop on Enterprise Application andInformation Integration, EA&II - 2007

4-5th of October 2007, Kaunas

Objectives of the workshop:
- Presentation of newest tendencies in area of enterprise application, information and knowledge integration.
-  Share theoretical and practical experience solving these integration problems.
-  Presentation of European Commission (FP6) funded project ABILITIES for business process integration.

More information at http://eaii.abilities.lt/

ABILITIES workshop in Slovakia

 20th of April 2007, Kosice

Purpose of workshop is to find solutions to satisfy needs and demands of small and medium enterprises in area of information technology utilization and electronic trade in implementation of order-to-invoice process, standardization process and business documentation exchange (from order to an invoice).

Main Part of program:
- Abilities mission
- Abilities portal presentation
- Dissemination condition
- Temporary access to Abilities facilities
- Discussion and on-line submission

To the workshop will be invited:
Test Bed organization (Process Automation, Elfa, Novitech)
SMEs representatives
SEAMLES, TOOL-EAST, FLUDWIN and eGov Complement projects participants
Journalists and representative of Standardization, metrology and testing Authority SR

The main speaker on the workshop is a representative of Cassovia BIC and revision of expert aspects will be provided by a Technical University representative.
Representatives of companies that deal with high-tech, innovation and other businesses will be present at the workshops. Also representatives of local authorities such as Slovak industrial and trade chamber, Trade chamber, and representatives of state management. 
Technical university Kosice - its specialized workplaces will present the project vision, its advantages and importance in practice operation. The project utilization is directed to SMEs and it should simplify and speed up current standard system in trade procedure.


ABILITIES workshop in Romania

ABILITIES’ Promotion Work Shop

7-11th of March 2007, Cluj Napoca

Location: EXPO-Transilvania Cluj-Napoca -  Conference Room

Environment: CONMOB - International Exhibition

- Prof.Dr. Radu-Adrian Mlesnita, University “Babes-Bolyai”, expert in ABILITIES and UE Projects.
- Ec. Catalin Pop – Head of Unit, FILBAC Targu Lapus and expert in ABILITIES Project
- Ec. Adela Zifceac, Director of Relations Department – Transilvania Business Center, Cluj-Napoca, consultant

Number of invited companies: 132 
Number of participating companies: 48
Number of active/interested companies (forms and comments): 22

The WS was appreciated by the companies' representatives and a promotion campaign was continued to all of companies participating to the exhibition in the period of 7-9 March 2007.

FILBAC’s boot was visited by over 800 people and ABILITIES liflet was circulated to the interested specialists.

ABILITIES workshop in Hungary

November 2007, Budapest   

Location: Magyar Telekom Tolosi Conference Centre

Preliminary Program:
a) Abilities Bus general placement in EU business and technological processes and systems
b) Chrome Studio: experiences of using this system in Hungarian tourism sector, advantages, Hungarian distribution possibilities
c) Moderated discussion (starting from presentation and reaching to arouse interest for the application (by splitting the participants into 3-4 groups): surveying local demands (also: filling out questionnaires)
d) Questionnaire distribution / collection

To the workshop will be invited:

- System integrators: KFKI, Synergon, Kopint-Datorg, MAV Informatics
- Professional partners and test-beds: Chrome Studio, Hotelinfo, Vendegvaro, Amadeus
- National Association for Commerce, Hungarian Association for Tourism, National Association for Consumer Protection, Association for eCommerce
- Ministry of Economy and Transport in Hungary

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