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Sunday, 21 January 2018
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Report on Enterprise Interoperability Initiatives in NMS and ACC countries D63b - M24 Issue DownloadDownload
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Created: 12.06.2008
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Author: ABILITIES Consortium

In accordance with Addendum 1 (“Amendment to Annex I. – DoW / Abilities / 10th May 2007”), the delivery time of the D63 reviews was postponed and it was recommended some corrections in the content of reviews, as it is visible from following quotation:
Summary to D63 delivery (comments from Addendum 1):
“D63 Report on Enterprise Interoperability initiatives in NMS and ACC countries – The deliverable will report on the active or being activated initiatives and policies at national and regional level in NMS and ACC countries, having a specific focus on enterprise interoperability research and adoption, as contribution of the ABILITIES project to the ERA co-ordination policy.
This report is to be issued in two refined version: first the initiatives in the field of ABILITIES, and subsequently in Enterprise Interoperability research and adoption.”

Executive summary
Actions influences D63 methodic:

  • The first step here was the definition of the field of ABILITIES for the purpose of D63
  • Domain of potential partners able for an identification of sources of relevant information at national level (it was done in early stage of National Case Studies preparation)
  • Report about D63 activities will be or is done in the 2 issues as deliverables: D63a / M18 and D63b / M24.

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