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Sunday, 21 January 2018
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D61 Dissemination Reports Final M24 STW included DownloadDownload
Size: 2.17 MB
Created: 12.06.2008
Downloads: 63
Author: ABILITIES Consortium

This is the final volume of D61 report. This report contains renewed information about industrial workshops, new publications references, information on legislation activities initiatives and partner actions on creation of UBL localization subcommittees. Other updates related to dissemination and awareness events participation, publications, papers, standards are also presented here.

This document consists of three parts. Part I includes the fullfiled Dissemination Plan for 24 months: the list of dissemination events as well as lists of conferences, articles, workshops, meetings, web pages, teaching materials where the results of ABILITIES were presented and reports of fulfilled dissemination events.

Part II describes our efforts related to the Technology and Standards Watch task (T63). We introduce here the most important standards and their standard bodies for the ABILITIES project. The most important events for T63 that had happened during the project so far are mentioned. In addition we present our Standards Watch Portal at View zone, where we collect and disseminate our information and results related to this task.

Part III is dedicated to the ABILITIES Industrial Workshops, which constitute an important mean for the dissemination and exploitation of the ABILITIES results in the real industrial and business context. This part contains reports of ABILITIES Industrial Workshops.

Annexes contain material presented in dissemination events and prepared material for industrial workshops. These annexes are also updated.

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