All three sites described below are managed by the group of Database and Information Systems (DBIS) at the Institute of Computer Science, at the Goethe University of Frankfurt/Main.

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sans ordonnance inderal la beau prix pasViewZone aims at building a non-for-profit community of IT professionals, both from Industry and Academia, interested in various topics in Information Technology.

We have created a section called Experts Corner, where international leading experts write several topics related to IT. Download of articles is free of charge. You simply need to register.

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       MOMOCS    Our partners: prograf doctor consult buy baclofen price london Online us viread    
MOMOCS aims at studying a methodology and related tools for fast reengineering of complex systems. A complex system is characterised by an interconnection of hardware, software, user interfaces, firmware, business and production processes.

MOMOCS will study how a complex system can be modernised with a focus on the software portion of it, with the goal of keeping up with a very fast changing business and technical environment taking human beings as the centre of the interaction.

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ABIlitIES standards and technology watch portal was launched in January 2006. You can find up-to-date information from various sources.
Currently the main focus hereby is on:
  • Universal Business Language (UBL) - UBL is an international open standard providing electronic business documents patterns. UBL is owned by OASIS.
  • Business Process Management (BPM) – there is a vision that business people are enabled to just draw some charts, press a button and a ready to use application will be constructed from existing services. This is just a vision but first steps are done. Newcomers in this area are overwhelmed with acronymes and information. We want to provide a first orientation in this jungle.
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