UBL Survey

This is a survey on the usage and market penetration of the Universal Business Language (UBL). It is intended to be a long/permanent running survey with the following most important targets among others:

  1. Projects - Identify existing projects that use UBL in order to enable collaboration and synergies between the projects.
  2. Domains - Find out the most relevant domains where UBL is used (and if needed, to be able to bring the players at one table to define a domain customized version as soon as possible rather than changing later on).
  3. Locations - Identify in which locations UBL is used intensively in order to support these areas, e.g. by setting up according localization groups.
  4. Current usage - Get a picture how and for what purposes UBL is currently used.
  5. Pro and Cons - Identify the current benefits and disadvantages of UBL.

The entered information will be immediately published to public after you finish the survey. The idea is that anybody can use the results of the survey without payment or login. Please be aware of this during filling the forms.

The results can be explored by using filters in order to figure out answers to specific questions. Please have a look on the current list of results under: http://www.viewzone.org/survey/statistics

There are 20 questions in this survey.

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